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Services at WellSteer

WellSteer services and solutions combine indigenous expertise, best practices, safe and environmentally sound well site operations, innovative ideas, and high-quality support aimed at helping its customers increase oilfield efficiency, lower finding and producing costs, improve productivity, maximize reserve recovery, and increase asset value in a safe, environmentally sound manner.

WellSteer Oilfield Services solutions include open-hole and cased-hole
logging services; drilling services; well services, such production
and sand control; interpretation and engineering services; integrated project management; and training, recruiting and manpower development. All these couple with strong technical and operational support.

Engineering Consulting

    From Single-Well analysis to field development planning, WellSteer
    Oilfield Technology engineering consulting offers a wide range of
    services from highly-focused single-well investigations to fully
    integrated field studies and field development planning, including
    project economics and risk assessment leading to profitable decisions;

                Key Services

  • Reservoir Characterization and geophysical interpretation
    and modeling

  • Geomechanics and Wellbore Stability

  • Interpretation Development/Petrophysical Studies

  • Drilling Engineering Services

  • Field Studies/Marginal Field Evaluation Services

  • Reservoir Engineering Studies

  • Production Engineering

  • Remedial Well Design and Analysis

  • Extended Reach Wells Design and Evaluation

Data Services

    WellSteer offers a wide range of services to provide and reliable
    processing, interpretation, an integration of all types of E&Pdata,
    maximizing the value of the data and allowing our customers to make better-informed operational decisions.


  • Geosteering and Well Placement

  • Horizontal Well Interpretation Analysis

  • Open hole/Case Hole Evaluation Analysis

  • Real-time monitoring and data delivery

  • 3D borehole data viewing and processing

  • Geomechanics Services and Wellbore Stability

  • Log data archiving and recovery

  • Core data analysis

Drilling and Fishing Rental Services
  • Drilling Jar Rentals

  • Fishing Equipment Rentals


Technical Training, Recruiting and Personnel Development
  • Manpower supply for E&P and Services Companies

  • Log Interpretation Training and Workshop for Clients

  • Technical Sales and Strategic Marketing Training

  • Management and Personnel Development

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