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Integrated Solutions and Project Management Innovation,
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Capitalizing on the Geoscience and engineering expertise of WellSteer Oilfield Technology Services, we offer our customers with an end-to-end, real-time enabled solutions. Well placement within the oil column, avoiding drilling poor quality reservoir, avoiding undulating wellbores which might increase skin damage restricting clean out process, the need to understand well performance with very low drawdown, the need to land the well in the right place and at the right angle. All these and more are address in our integrated solutions package designed to:.

            • Improve hydrocarbon recovery (EOR)
            • Minimize operational risks
            • Reduce capital and operating costs
            • Increase overall asset value
            • Operational efficiency

Theses solutions span various phases of the E&P cycle and include reservoir management, sand management, production optimization and innovative, optimized process for well construction and placement.

Key Services

Drilling Management
Drilling Management solutions combined system, people, processes, software, data management and visualization to optimize the drilling process with focus on real-time application. It significantly reduces the cost of drilling, reduces non-productive time, and increase efficiency. Drilling Management provides a complete framework for enhancing performance anywhere, especially in deep water, depleted reservoirs and high risk wells.

Reservoir Management
Twenty-five years ago, E&P companies could hope for continuing discoveries of giant fields and highly profitable exploitation once oil was found. Today, the tables have turned. More than three-quarter of current additions to the world’s oil reserves comes from better management of existing reservoirs. Profitability in today’s harsher economic climate depends on increasing recovery from producing fields. The key to success is the E&P companies’ clear vision that a team oriented cross-disciplinary approach must prevail. WellSteer petrophysical, reservoir and engineering knowledge is focused on providing workflow and engineering well completions and stimulation that lead to optimal well profitability.

Sand Management
Sand production erodes hardware, block tubular, creates downhole cavities and ultimately reduces productivity. Completion methods that allows sand-prone reservoirs to be exploited often severely reduces production efficiency. The challenge is to complete wells to keep formation sand in place without unduly restricting productivity. Sand Management is the complete process of optimizing well productivity by proper management of fluids and sand production throughout the life of the field. This solution utilizes the industry sand control expertise, services, and technology to maximize our customers’ return on sand management investments.

Production Optimization
Production Optimization provides for a seamless coupling of production and reservoir data with expert innovative technology and numerical modeling and decision-making applications for the entire well production. From production logging data and monitoring to diagnostics and optimization, this solution enables increased production, enhanced recovery, and improved economic performance.

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