WellSteer Oilfield Technology Services
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WellSteer Production Optimization Services

WellSteer Oilfield Technology Services

WellSteer is an innovative technology company, our core business is to provide offshore/onshore technical services to E&P Operators and Service Companies in the areas but not limited to engineering studies, Interpretation services, project managements, integrated solutions, training and development......Read more

As an indigenous company, we are targeting the Nigeria market with
emphasizes on small and emerging indigenous E&P companies who has
licenses to develop marginal field in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria who
might not have the necessary technical expertise to carry out detailed
engineering studies to optimize these field.

At WellSteer, trust on our professionals to deliver in-time operational
both offshore and onshore for top class interpretation, reservoir engineering
support, petrophysical evaluation, G&G and project management that can be
easily integrated into our customer's E&P framework for profitable business
oriented decisions.

WellSteer  Services and Solutions

WellSteer services and solutions combine indigenous expertise, best
practices, safe and environmentally sound well site operations, innovative
ideas, and high-quality support aimed at helping its customers increase
oilfield efficiency, lower finding and producing costs, improve productivity,
maximize reserve recovery, and increase asset value in a safe,
environmentally sound manner.

Making the most of our unique resources, WellSteer is committed to providing
services that enhance and optimize our customers' performance in areas like;

Engineering Consultancy

    Processing, interpretation, 3D viewing and integration of E&P

Integrated Solutions

    From complete single-well analysis to field development

Drilling and Fishing Rental Services

    We provide drilling and fishing services with the support of our partners to enable our customers archive their well objectives

Training, Recruiting and Personnel Development

    Technical skills training and developments spanning E&P
    operations with key emphasizes on drilling and evaluation


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Our Subsidiary: aibangbe oilfield technolgy services

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